Wednesday, June 16

Mindful Monday: Resist with love

"There’s resistance with aversion – focusing on everything you’re against, using hatred as a motivator; and there’s resistance with love or non-hatred, focusing on your values and what you stand for as a motivator. So I propose that when we resist with love, we’re more oriented to focusing on what we’re FOR rather than what we’re against. We’re not focused on having and demonizing an enemy. We’re focused on justice. We know what’s causing suffering and we act with fierce compassion…but not with hatred. Because we are motivated by love and what we value, we live to fight another day, month, and year."

-- Bill Scheinman


for Mindful Monday


Source: "Wise Resistance," Bill Scheinman, 2017
Photo credit: "Women's March on Washington - 1/21/17," Molly Adams, 2017.


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