Wednesday, August 4

Mindful Monday: Relax, control freaks!

This week, I thought I'd write a very short, simple post about control issues again because so many of us struggle with them.

We can't control our thoughts. For the most part, they come and go on their own.

We can't control the emotions that arise in us because we feel what we feel when we feel it.

We can't control most of what happens in our bodies.

If we can control so little within the borders of our own selves,
how is it that we imagine we can control other people or events that come into our lives?

We can control our choices and behaviors, and that's about it, so maybe we control freaks can relax a little.


What are you noticing about control today?


for Mindful Monday


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Photo credit: The Wizard of Oz (film), 1939, produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. I found the picture on this website, which has a great description of how this special effect was created in the film:

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