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Mindful Monday: Projection: "What I see is who I am"

It's Labor Day, so I am shamelessly taking the day off and letting Cheri Huber speak for me with a great quote about projection. We all project, yet it can be a shock when we learn about projection and understand not only how often we do it [read: all the time] but how long we've lived without knowing that we do it. Mindfulness practice can bring it into increasingly sharper focus.

I know someone who sits in harsh judgment of her family and former friends but doesn't realize that the reason she's doing it is because she can't stand to think how she's judged by others and, perhaps more to the point, how she judges herself. Having been in the same position for many years, I have compassion for another in this kind of pain, at the same time that being harshly judged myself makes me want to scream, "Unfair!", undoubtedly because I'm projecting, too! 🙂

Understanding projection is the single most important tool of awareness practice. Simply stated, projection is the process of looking at the world and seeing ourselves. When we are unaware that all we ever see is ourselves, we suffer mightily. We believe that what we see 'out there' is true out there but not within us. For example, we project greed and dishonesty onto a politician and fail to own those traits in ourselves. Everyone projects. There's nothing wrong with projection -- it's just what we do. But if we don't know that 'what I see is who I am,' we can be caught in that bizarre tapestry of misinformation from which it can be extremely difficult to escape. The practice of owning our projections acts as a clear mirror in which to see ourselves. (From What you practice is what you have: A guide to having the life you want. I'm reading it on a Kindle and don't have a page number.)

What are you projecting in this very moment?

Do you trust your mirror?...

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Source: Huber, Cheri. What you practice is what you have: A guide to having the life you want. Murphys, CA: Keep It Simple Books. 2010.
Photo credit: Cosmo Flash, 2009. "Do You Trust Your Mirror?"
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  • I always tell the kids that other people’s reactions are about who the other people are, not about who my kids are. I should probably add in the loop, “And your reactions reveal who you are, not who they are.”

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