Wednesday, August 4

Mindful Monday: Pain is part of it

"My heart was a raw wound. Absolutely nothing could stop the pain pouring out of it. Then it hit me: maybe I was in the 'actual real-time situation' after all, and pain was just part of it. I was in the moment -- the moment just sucked. Just because you hurt doesn't mean you're doing something wrong, that you're weak, dumb, selfish, or hopelessly screwed up. If life is suffering, then pain simply means that you're alive. The excruciating ache in my heart was proof that there was blood beating there. Zen practice, like life itself, is not about floating above your problems but passing through them, like the proverbial lotus flower rising from the murky depths of its own source, coming up for air, for light, for beauty, for all of those reasons that things keep living, growing, and returning home, no matter how miserable or painful or downright embarrassing the journey gets." - Shozan Jack Haubner, Zen Confidential: Confessions of a Wayward Monk, pp. 115-16.

What are you noticing about your beliefs about the acceptability of emotional pain?


for Mindful Monday

Photo Credit: "Lotus," Andy, 2007.

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