Monday, June 14

Mindful Monday: Noticing space

Our minds tend to get caught up with thoughts of attraction or aversion to objects, but the space around those thoughts is not attractive or repulsive. The space around an attractive thought and a repulsive thought is not different, is it? Concentrating on the space between thoughts, we become less caught up in our preferences concerning the thoughts. So if you find that an obsessive thought of guilt, self-pity, or passion keeps coming up, then work with it in this way—deliberately think it, really bring it up as a conscious state, and notice the space around it.

--Ajahn Sumedho

What are you noticing about the space around things and around thoughts?


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Source: "Noticing space," Ajahn Sumedo, Tricycle, Fall 1995.
Photo credit: "Party String," DieselDemon, 2009.

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