Mindful Monday: Keep silence

Lately, my ears are ringing from the sound of too many words, my eyes burn from reading too many words, my mind aches from thinking too many words, and my voice is tired from speaking too many words. In that spirit, today I offer you Rumi:

“Keep silence,” be mute;
if you have not yet become
the tongue of God,
be an ear.

(from Mathnawi, II-3456)

 Shhh...dog ear

Silence is the ground of your being.


for Mindful Monday


© March 9, 2015, post: Donna Pierce
Photo credit: TheGiantVermin, "Dog Ear," taken 4/5/14


  1. Terri said on March 9, 2015
    Lovely! I believe there is a Rabbi who talks about the meanings of the light on the page between the words. Sometimes we need to stop wordsing and just let the space between flow.
  2. Jamie Dedes said on March 11, 2015
    This is perfect for anytime but especially in our world of ceaseless noise and vapid soundbites ... and I love the photo. Bravo! Donna, may we include this in this months "The BeZine?"
    1. Donna Pierce said on March 11, 2015
      Thanks, Jamie. Please feel free to include it in "The BeZine." Rumi hits home so often, even across seven and a half centuries, doesn't he?
      1. Jamie Dedes said on March 11, 2015
        Yes indeed he does. :-) Thank you, Donna.

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