Wednesday, August 4

Mindful Monday: Ignorance is the enemy

Certainly, decisions about war and peace are made by people, people we could name-and blame-as culprits. I wonder, though, if we are not best served by naming ignorance as the enemy to be defeated, even as we act firmly to oppose what we see as wrongdoing in the world, what we recognize as causing pain. This would leave us without human enemies, with only confused people needing help.

--Sylvia Boorstein

What are you noticing about the impetus to condemn those who act in a detestable, even criminal manner?

(This notion is a challenge for me in the wake of the Charlottesville riot and terrorist attack.)


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Source: "There Is No Blame," Lion's Roar, 1/26/16 issue
Photo credit: "no enemy," Heidi De Vries, 2005.

Curated by Donna Pierce

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