Monday, June 14

Mindful Monday: Identifying less with emotions

"In the end, we have done just the opposite of what we set out to do. We thought that protecting ourselves and paying attention to our feelings would make us happier, but actually, our unhappiness increased. In the dharma we have a saying, 'All people desire happiness, but instead they chase after suffering.' When we reflect on our relationship with our emotions, we can see just how true this is.

"The Buddhist path has tools that help us train our mind so we don’t put so much energy into our emotional responses. By gradually reducing the focus we ordinarily place on our emotions, we begin to identify with them less. As we identify with our emotions less, we become more willing to let small situations go, and we begin to feel more relaxed. This starts a different kind of emotional cycle. As we start to see that letting small situations go actually brings us peace of mind and happiness, we become willing to let other situations go too. When we relax and let go, we identify with our emotions even less. When we identify with our emotions less, we are less self-protective, less emotionally reactive, and we feel happier." -- Anyen Rinpoche

What are you noticing about how much focus you place on your emotions?


for Mindful Monday

Source: Anyen Rinpoche, "The Four Noble Truths of Emotional Suffering."
Photo credit: "Calm," Norbert Reimer, 2015.

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