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Mindful Monday: How does it feel to be free?

On Feeling Invisible

"Because quite a few of us are feeling this way:

"Q: I'm feeling more invisible these days. I don't know if it's a function of being 40 and a woman in this culture, if it's a function of race, or if I'm just feeling more invisible because my kids are getting older and they're gone more.

"Sometimes the invisibility feels good. I can do as I please and no one knows where I am. Other days, the invisibility feels lonely. Then I talk too much to the Trader Joe's cashier.

"Have you had this feeling?

"A: Of course I've had that feeling. It is the feeling of freedom. It signals a transition in our life. No longer is our self-image tied up in the attention paid to us by others. I can attest that you are in fact visible even though no one wants anything from you. So the question is not how does it feel to be invisible but rather how does it feel to be free?"

--Karen Maezen Miller

What are you noticing about your freedom?


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Photo credit: "Knitted Freedom," dom fellowes, 2013.

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  • I can relate to this. I don’t feel invisible. I do, however, feel quite FREE. Because I’m retired, my wife and I are relatively affluent and well insured, even absent a salary from jobs. Mortgage is paid off and essentially zero debt. All that adds up to being able to do what we want because nobody signs our paycheck.

    POINT BEING … if we were POOR, our freedom would be Janis Joplin / Bobby McGee freedom: “Just another word for nothin’ left to lose”. The latter is how I read the woman’s narrative in your post.


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