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Mindful Monday: Gratitude: Acceptance of What Is

Last week, Ruth Jewell wrote about gratitude in her post "Thank you - Prayerful Tuesday." A few days later, I stumbled across some videos of Br. David Steindl-Rast and Roshi Joan Halifax on Halifax's new YouTube channel discussing the same topic. I can't remember which ones of the twelve videos listed on this topic contain the messages I will share here, but you can listen for yourself to hear these masters of mindfulness ponder aloud the notion of gratefulness.

Br. Steindl-Rast's definition of gratefulness is acceptance of what is, and by that he means acceptance of what's happening in the present moment, even the people, situations, and events we find hard to accept. Whenever we like or dislike what's happening right now, our ego is operating. When we accept what is, the ego dissolves.

I've been mulling over that concept since reading it, my ego trying to poke holes in it. But I find it's true. When something happens, and we accept its very happening without judgment but acceptance, we are offered the opportunity, says Steindl-Rast, to enjoy, change, or learn, and for these opportunities we can choose to be grateful.


What can you accept without opinion in the present moment?


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  • Seems like my entire year has been a matter of molding me into acceptance — my mom battling end-stage lung cancer and now my heart child dwindling away before my eyes. I cannot seem to do anything for them to make it better — so I am being present in their sacred journey of transition, and consider it an honor to do so. Namaste ~~

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