Tuesday, June 15

Mindful Monday: Forgive and Forget

For years, I've carried the weight of self-blame for so much, whether or not it was "deserved." I'm worn out and worn down. It's literally making me ill, and so it must stop.

Today, I find balm in these words:

"I can make my life whole, and only I can do it... We forgive because we can. And we forget because we must, or we condemn ourselves to lifetimes of pain... Forget that story, and do not replace it with another. Forget what might have been and what might yet be. The past is gone, and the future will arrive on schedule... Today is the tonic for yesterday. Now is the only cure for then. Forget, and you know genuine gratitude. Gratitude is the fruit of letting go." -- Karen Maezen Miller, Paradise in Plain Sight: Lessons from a Zen Garden.


Today, what could you forgive and forget?

Fallen Apples...

for Mindful Monday


© March 30, 2015, post: Donna Pierce
Photo Credit: "Fallen Apples," Michael Coghlan, 2012.


  • Great post. The only thing I differ with is that it’s not often wise to forget – remembering helps us do things in a healthier way and not go back to old, outdated and often destructive patterns.

    Forgiving comes a bit easier when I remember we are all human and never perfect!

    • I especially like your last line, Curious to the Max. So true. In the quote by Karen Maezen Miller, I think she may mean “forgetting” in a more Buddhist sense. That is, she encourages us to stop repeating the stories of blame in our minds, getting ourselves all wound up,self-righteous, and offended. We drop the stories again and again, returning to the present moment, letting go into a space without commentary.

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