Wednesday, June 23

Mindful Monday: Everything's Fine

I took last Monday off from writing a blog post. I was tired, depressed, anxious, and dealing with too many whirling thoughts in my head. I can't say I feel much better this Monday, so rather than writing about mindfulness, I thought I'd just be mindful. Instead of trying hard to be insightful and write about ideas and techniques for becoming more mindful -- techniques I want to learn and share -- I'll simply look at what I see right now.

I see flowers on the dining room table and sideboard. Today our family celebrates Father's Day and my younger daughter's high school graduation. My husband made a couple of bouquets from flowers gathered in our garden. One vase holds fragrant, dark pink roses. Another overflows with white flowering dogwood in full bloom, with a few stems of euphorbia peeking out here and there. I appreciate and admire his talent for growing and arranging flowers. It's made our life more beautiful for over twenty years.

I see a graduation cap on the dining room table, too, with two tassels and the logo of the university my daughter will attend in the fall. Though I'm tempted to reminisce about her past 18 years -- and I've done so many times in recent weeks -- in this moment I enjoy the resplendent colors splashed across the white capstone to a large part of her childhood.

I could feel sad that the flowers will begin to wilt as early as tomorrow. I could start missing my daughter already, anticipating the leave-taking in August. Everything's fine, though. When I stop thinking, everything's fine!

June 15What do you notice in the present moment?


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  • I notice gentle fatigue sitting in my body, I hear the lovely sounds of the shower running as my oldest son prepares for work. I remember how proud I am of the man he has become. I see a generous home full of messiness, but not for right now.

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