Thursday, June 24

Mindful Monday: Ebb and flow, ebb and flow

"I live in an apartment with a view of the Hudson River. I love to sit by my window and watch it roll by. Sometimes, when the tide is coming in, you can actually see the currents moving upstream. The Indians called the Hudson 'The River that Runs Both Ways.' And I love to sit and watch the tall ships that sail up the Hudson on Independence Day, their masts reaching toward the sky, their white sails billowing out in the breeze, their teak decks reflecting the morning sun. I see the river as a metaphor for our lives: We ebb and flow, ebb and flow, and then we are carried out to merge with the sea. And I see the tall ships as magical vessels, one of which may come some day to pick me up and take me on a long journey—an adventure, really—into uncharted waters."

--Jack Poggi

What are you noticing about how you view death?


for Mindful Monday


Source: "Three Lives: Dancing on the Edge of Existence," Tricycle, Winter 2003.
Photo source: "Tall Ship | BELEM |," Gadjo_Niglo, 2017.

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