Wednesday, June 23

Mindful Monday: Despicable Me?

Cheri Huber, on the illogic of our self-hating minds:

"It comes down to this for me:

"None of my heroes (and all my heroes are religious types) ever says, 'The important thing in the universe is to be at one with fear and inadequacy.'

"Okay? Nobody has ever defined God as 'fear and inadequacy' and then said that is what you should strive for. And so, if I'm going to hold True Nature, Buddha Nature, God as the greatest value in life and then on a moment-to-moment basis choose the opposite of that, then what am I doing? This is the fundamental spiritual issue."

(from There is Nothing Wrong with You, p. 105)

Are you aware of any self-hating thoughts in the front or back of your mind in the present moment?
If so, are you willing to drop them for a sec and give yourself a break?


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© March 10, 2014, post, Donna Pierce
Huber, Cheri. There is nothing wrong with you, rev. ed. Murphys, CA: Keep It Simple Books, 2001.
Photo credit: 2008, ayes: Two baby or one

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