Monday, June 14

Mindful Monday: Choiceless awareness

"Krissy... was driving her young children to school and was stuck in traffic and very late for her own appointment. Her children were excited and horsing around in the backseat, and Krissy was just about ready to explode when the thought occurred to her that symbolically her whole life was in the car, and she would never get out. There were no other options: either she would take a stand and live her life here in the car, or she would suffer from wanting to get out of the car. Krissy said it was a revelation to see how simple and workable it was when she dropped all other options. It changed her entire inner dynamic, and more importantly brought forth love for her children.... Krissy had to be pushed to the depths of her powerlessness before she could awaken to the ease of release. The alternatives were only in her mind.... [R]eality is what is left when we drop alternatives, and faith is what catches our fall."  --Rodney Smith, Stepping Out of Self-Deception: The Buddha's Liberating Teaching of No-self, pp. 101-102. (2010)

What are you noticing about choices right now?


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