Wednesday, August 4

Mindful Monday: Breathe

Please welcome Donna Pierce to the team! She is offering us Mindful Mondays.

Today, each day
each minute
let us begin again.
Wake up from the strange
jury of voices in the head
sentencing us each second
to a dungeon life.
Fetid air there.
So rise
from the bottom of the empty well
with each breath,
We can breathe. A miracle,
over and over.
We are breathed.
Relish the chill in the nose
then the heat
the rush in the ears like waves
the rise and fall of the ribs
the shoulders, the belly,
then back down.
Loyal companion and sustainer,
thank you.
You free me to fly
from cruel verdicts.

“The Jewish name for God – Yahweh - was not spoken, but breathed. Its correct pronunciation is an attempt to imitate the sound of inhalation and exhalation. We do that every moment: our first and last word as we enter and leave the world.” – Richard Rohr




What are you noticing today?


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