Monday, June 14

Mindful Monday: A messy transformation

"Zen is not a psychiatric or therapeutic discipline; it’s a spiritual one. It’s supposed to get energy moving on a deep, fundamental, life-changing level. Its purpose is to orient you toward the truth, toward reality, whatever this takes. It’s not supposed to boss you around with behavioral or self-help dictates or to shoehorn you into the slipper of well-adjusted citizenhood.

"In other words, spiritual work isn’t always just 'instructive'—it’s also transformative, and this kind of transformation can get messy. The Sanskrit term for this is clusterf***."

Excerpted from Zen Confidential: Confessions of a Wayward Monk by Shozan Jack Haubner.


for Mindful Monday

Photo Credit: "Heliconundrums," from the British Library HMNTS 011652.m.13.(5.), p. 62, 1892.


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