lions lay with lambs
coexisting in mercy
sacrificing fear

Go and learn what this means, ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’
For I have come to call not the righteous but sinners.”
Matthew 9:13

For I desire mercy and not sacrifice,
the knowledge of God rather than burnt-offerings.
Hosea 6:6

Lion and Lamb
From The True Story Of A Vegetarian Lion

Inspired by the Lenten Journey reading of Matthew 9:2-13

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  1. booguloo said on February 25, 2012
    I like it.
    1. Terri said on February 25, 2012
      What really spoke to me was Jesus calling on the words of Hebrew scripture. He was a master of scripture.
  2. becca givens said on February 26, 2012
    Such a great illustration, terri. I enjoy your perspective. :-)
  3. granbee said on February 27, 2012
    Mercy is what we misfits are so very thankful for! Praise Be to God! Wonderful illustration, with the lion lying down with the lamb! Reminds me of a post I saw at where a someone raised a tiger from an orphaned cub along with their own dog. The two are showing playing joyfully together on that post!
  4. Mercy allows us another chance at redemption. Another day to love and forgive. Very powerful. The love God has for sinners. He loves the sinner but not the sin.
    1. Terri said on February 27, 2012
      God is always reaching out in love, mercy and grace. :-)

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