March Challenge

Oh!  I can't stand it!  I must have a challenge for March.  I'd love for you to join me.  Approach the prompts from whatever creative standpoint you would like.  Photography, poetry, prose, etc.  Be humorous or serious.  Be literal or use the prompt as a springboard to something more.  Just put your creativity in gear!  If all you have time for is a short thought or two, create a small stone.  That is simply a noticing about the prompt.  I can't wait to see you!  And I hope I'm not alone.  🙂 

Here are the challenges:

March 1
On this day in 1872, Yellowstone National Park was established.  Reflect on campingPDF

March 2
March 2nd is “Read Across America Day” in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  Reflect on reading. PDF

March 3
On this day in 1847, inventor Alexander Graham Bell was born. Reflect on communication. PDF

March 4
On this day in 1789, Congress met for the first time. Reflect on politics, government, structures of power. PDF

March 5
Today, March 5th, marks the beginning of the Iditarod race.  Reflect on competition, racing, etc. PDF

March 6
On this day in 1912, Oreo Cookies were sold for the first time.  Reflect on something delicious.   PDF

March 7
On this day in 1849, scientist Luther Burbank was born.  Burbank was a botanist, or someone who studies plant life.  He was known for developing new types of flowers and plants.  Reflect on nature.   PDF

March 8
Today is the beginning of Mardi Gras.  Reflect on abundance. PDF

March 9
On this day in 1454, explorer Amerigo Vespucci was born.  The continent we live on is named after Vespucci.  Reflect on exploration. PDF

March 10
Today is “Harriet Tubman Day.”  Tubman was abolitionist.  She helped many slaves escape to freedom on the Underground Railroad.  Reflect on slavery, in whatever formPDF

March 11
March 11th is “Johnny Appleseed Day.”  John Chapman, known as Johnny Appleseed, was responsible for introducing apple trees to many regions of the western frontier. Reflect on fruitPDF

March 12
Today marks the anniversary of the death of Anne Frank who died in 1945.  This brave young woman is well known for the diary she kept, capturing her time in hiding from the Nazi soldiers. Reflect on horror.  PDF

March 13
March 13th is “Good Samaritan Day.”  Reflect on helping. PDF

March 14
On this day in 1879, scientist Albert Einstein was born.  At an early age, Einstein showed great interest in math and science.  Reflect on patterns. PDF

March 15
March 15th is “Absolutely Incredible Kid Day.” Reflect on childhood. PDF

March 16
On this day in 1751, our 4th President, James Madison was born.  Madison was the oldest of twelve (12) children.  Reflect on family. PDF

March 17
Today is St. Patrick’s Day. Reflect on courage.  PDF

March 18
Today marks the first walk in space. Reflect on the cosmos. PDF

March 19
This is “National Clean Your Closet Week.”  Reflect on cleaning. PDF

March 20
Today marks the first day of spring. Reflect on new birth. PDF

March 21
Today is “Children’s Poetry Day.”  Reflect on being at a child’s levelPDF

March 22
March 22nd is “National Goof Off Day.” Reflect on spontaneityPDF

March 23
Today is “Toast Day.” Reflect on bread. PDF

March 24
On March 24, 1874, magician Harry Houdini was born.  Reflect on magic. PDF

March 25
On this day, pancakes were first made.  Many would consider pancakes to be their favorite breakfast food.  Reflect on breakfast, breaking fast, or fastingPDF

March 26
March 26th is “Make up Your Own Holiday Day.”  Reflect on a new holidayPDF

March 27
On this day in 1964, Alaska was hit by an 8.4 earthquake.  The “Great Alaska Earthquake” was the most powerful earthquake recorded in the U.S. and North America.  Reflect on uncertainty. PDF

March 28
On March 28, 1881, “The Greatest Show on Earth,” also known as the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, was formed.  Reflect on circus. PDF

March 29
On this day in 1885, Coca-Cola was invented. Reflect on effervescence.  PDF

March 30
On this day in 1858, the patent for a pencil with an attached eraser was issued. Reflect on writing, erasing, or the tension of writing and erasing. PDF

March 31
On this day, the first map of the United States was published.  Reflect on a new world. PDF

Inspired and copiously copied from the teacher’s corner.


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