March 7: Nature

into the forest
humanity's footprint crept
creating a morgue

 I was absolutely amazed at this thing, the McMillin Mausoleum.  In the middle of the forest, man's creation of a mausoleum honoring self.  Upholding ego.  The prompt today is about a scientist who has developed new plants and flowers.  It isn't really "natural" as we know nature.  It is humanity's tampering with nature.  The chairs are headstones where their ashes are buried.  The hallmarks of this clan are, in this order, "Templars, Methodist, and Republican."  Something about Sigma Chi, too.  More info can be found here.   But every single piece in this mausoleum has symbolic value, even including the number of steps.  Absolutely fascinating!  I wish the photos were better.  All I had was my cell phone.  Also, please disregard the random captions.  I've tried to get them removed, but am defeated.  (rolling eyes).

 McMillin Mausoleum
Through the Top of the Mausoleum

On this day in 1849, scientist Luther Burbank was born.  Burbank was a botanist, or someone who studies plant life.  He was known for developing new types of flowers and plants.  Reflect on nature

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  1. danroberson said on March 6, 2011
    Luther Burbank resided in Santa Rosa, CA for fifty years and was credited with 800 new varieties of plants. March 7, his birthday, is also known as Arbor Day in CA and some schools would have tree planting ceremonies. With all that mankind does to destroy nature, it was fantastic that one man tried to make the world a better place.
    1. Terri said on March 6, 2011
      I probably would've approached this prompt with a much different mindset if I hadn't just been to the McMillin Mausoleum. It was totally fascinating and creepy at the same time!
  2. Paulo Guimaraes said on March 6, 2011
    That is amazing! The poem speaks well to man's ending, from the Earth to the Earth.
  3. Jingle said on March 7, 2011
    super stunning imagery... thanks.
  4. Paulo Guimaraes said on March 7, 2011
    Here is my post: Sorry if the pic did not come out good, doing this on my phone.
    1. Terri said on March 7, 2011
      That's what I've been doing for 3 days! On one hand I was cursing the phone, on the other hand, I was amazed that I could do it on the phone!
  5. earlybird said on March 7, 2011
    what an extrordinary place. Thank you.
  6. meethimirchi said on March 7, 2011
    amazing place..
    1. meethimirchi said on March 7, 2011
      and here is my post
  7. vivinfrance said on March 7, 2011
    And the mausoleum left a morgue in the forest. It always grieves me to see even one tree cut down. Your neat haiku sums it up well.
  8. Becca Givens said on March 7, 2011
    This is an amazing post and fascinating history! Thank you for sharing! Here is my contribution to Day 7:
  9. eliza keating said on March 7, 2011
    This is absolutely has a full on haunting feel...brilliant..Eliza KEATING
  10. ladynimue said on March 7, 2011
    Though its a amaxzing place but if it meant cutting down forest , am not really happy .. hope they planted more trees in the place of what was harmed.
    1. Terri said on March 7, 2011
      It is amazing, I agree. And I vascillated from fascinated to repulsed. What adds to the fascination is that there is a "cemetary" on the hillside that leads up to the mausoleum. It's where the little people were buried, clearly! I just wonder what the whole area was like "back in the day."
      1. ladynimue said on March 7, 2011
        I imagine it to be untouched and a marvel still :) PS : I have not been linked yet ..
  11. Jessica said on March 7, 2011
    Liked that last line. A real slap in the face after the first two. Wll done!
  12. trisha said on March 7, 2011
    this was fabulous CM. Thanks for the beautiful and enriching post.
  13. bendedspoon said on March 7, 2011
    Thank you for sharing this one. Very interesting! :)
  14. lolamouse said on March 7, 2011
    Here is my contribution. It started out for your camping day but didn't get finished in time! Oh well!
  15. Mike Patrick said on March 7, 2011
    Today I’m going to do something I rarely do: recycle a poem from the early days of my blog. Some of what I consider my best work was posted back then-- when I had about three visitors a day--and Evergreens is by far my best nature poetry. I hope you like it.
  16. Mike Patrick said on March 7, 2011
    What a captivating excursion. McMillon seems to have a solid history. Near the farm where I grew up, we stumbled over an overgrown cemetery--a family plot I suppose. The tombstones were of sandstone and most had fallen over. The names and dates were weathered away. We decry man's damage to the Earth, but in reality, our footprint erodes quickly.
  17. Margaret Bednar said on March 7, 2011
    Thank you, again! My poem is below. My Poem
  18. Margaret Bednar said on March 7, 2011
    ...can't wait to read all the blogs and poems tonight. I am off and running with kids and will check out yours later tonight. Thank you for hosting this month.
  19. lunawitch15 said on March 7, 2011
    How cool!
  20. honeyhaiku said on March 7, 2011
    Sorry all that I have been in town. Day 7 offering:
  21. honeyhaiku said on March 7, 2011
    Monk-this is an exquisite haiku!
  22. goldenhairbear10 said on March 7, 2011
  23. otterblossom said on March 8, 2011
    haunting haiku, fascinating history my offering:
  24. fiveloaf said on March 8, 2011
    nvr knew of this till today- incredible! thank you for this! my late potluck haha-
  25. Kavita said on March 8, 2011
    A brilliant and powerful haiku, my friend! Why does mankind have to go and tread on and spoil everything that's pure (including itself)!! Perfectly stated!!!

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