Saturday, June 19

March 27: Uncertainty


when the cancer diagnosis came
we positively forged ahead
masectomy, radiation, chemotherapy
tasks to be checked off and
completed in the fight against
the mighty monster.


came and time passes, nearly
five years and the monster
regained its strength
dormant, not dead.

diagnosis number two came
we positively forged ahead
an everlasting battle to the death
every last possible solution
swapping blood with a stranger
experiments and fortitude.


no.  not one moment can be
counted as loss
monsters of body and mind and
the quavering uncertainty
of returning fear and anger
even then life requires an
accounting of loving moments.


March 27:  On this day in 1964, Alaska was hit by an 8.4 earthquake. The “Great Alaska Earthquake” was the most powerful earthquake recorded in the U.S. and North America. Reflect on uncertainty.

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