Wednesday, June 23

March 20: New Beginnings

what is the name?
Ballerina Tree
Photo by CloakedMonk

what is the name
of the color that forms
on the tips of the trees
when spring is born
and birds begin to sing?

i often ask myself
what is the name
of the baby just born
and why can’t i remember
such a simple thing?

when spring begins
and flowers bloom
what is the name
of that special time
of the cusp of the moon?

a time of beginnings
and turning of leaves
the ground of being heaves
oh, what is the name
of the saint of the cosmos?

stars in the sky
with names i forget
call down to me now
that storms abate asking
what is your name?

March 20 Challenge: Today marks the first day of spring. Reflect on new birth

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