March 20: New Beginnings

what is the name?
Ballerina Tree
Photo by CloakedMonk

what is the name
of the color that forms
on the tips of the trees
when spring is born
and birds begin to sing?

i often ask myself
what is the name
of the baby just born
and why can’t i remember
such a simple thing?

when spring begins
and flowers bloom
what is the name
of that special time
of the cusp of the moon?

a time of beginnings
and turning of leaves
the ground of being heaves
oh, what is the name
of the saint of the cosmos?

stars in the sky
with names i forget
call down to me now
that storms abate asking
what is your name?

March 20 Challenge: Today marks the first day of spring. Reflect on new birth

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  1. vivinfrance said on March 19, 2011
    I love your poem - so cheerful and full of hope. My birth poem is here:-
  2. honeyhaiku said on March 19, 2011
    Lovely, such a uplifting piece on the spring's eve! I have been crazy business today so I have taken an older work and submitted it for this prompt. It was after my separation and the rebirth of writing poetry.
  3. Sam373 said on March 19, 2011
    Awesome work.
  4. Paulo Guimaraes said on March 20, 2011
    Wonderful stuff, new beginnings, rebirth, another chance to create!
  5. Paulo Guimaraes said on March 20, 2011
    Here is my submission:
  6. earlybird said on March 20, 2011
    I particularly like the first verse - the colour of that fuzzy new growth on the tips of branches should have a name - it's so hard to describe.
  7. dani said on March 20, 2011
    love your poem! here's my submission ~
  8. goldenhairbear10 said on March 20, 2011
  9. Mama Zen said on March 20, 2011
    A beautiful reflection!
  10. Becca Givens said on March 20, 2011
    First day of spring - arrives welcomed like a new birth, bringing forth hope ... those tiny shoots of spring seem to arrive "magically" ... all of a sudden in the midst of winter's nakedness ... but alas they were evolving preparing for their arrival ... Here is my contribution:
  11. Mike Patrick said on March 20, 2011
    Stepping off into the deep water here.
  12. trisha said on March 20, 2011
    this is beautiful jane. any way, whats in a name..... trisha
  13. ladynimue said on March 20, 2011
    amazing !! you mentioned so many awesome little little things people usually forget to observe .. My post :
  14. Jingle said on March 21, 2011 here is my entry, thanks for the inspirations. Cheers.

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