Monday, June 14

A Mandala Journey: Resting in the Darkness

Resting in Darkness Mandala
Resting in Darkness Mandala

Day 1:  Resting in Darkness

Interestingly, I cannot quite follow directions and paint an entirely black or very dark circle.  My thoughts lead me to the regenerative spirit of darkness.   Where there is regeneration, there is not an absence of color, maybe an absence of imagination.  Or that may be quite arrogant!  I am reminded that Jesus rested in the darkness from Friday to Sunday.  Between life and life again.  As I was painting, I almost felt the darkness coming alive and looking at me as an old crone looks with inquiry onto the world. 

Creative response:


in the darkness
vibrancy is disguised
as death.

form overtaking
what is

 Journey with me through a creative experience over the next bit where I use mandalas and a specific exercise in "The Mandala Workbook" by Fincher.  This is Day 1, Resting in the Darkness.

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  • Oh, lovely Terri! I know what you mean by restoritive darkness. I think one of my favorite memories is lying outside at night on a moonless summer night and just letting the velvety darkness wash over me. I can still smell new mown hay and see the abundant stars over my head. Total peace. Thanks for reminding me.


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