Monday, June 21

Looking for Inspiration


Sometimes I feel that sharing inspiration with readers of Beguine Again is a heavy responsibility. I don't know what struggles you might be going through. Maybe your life is chugging along smoothly. Maybe you've just gotten bad news from somewhere, and you don't know how to deal with it. Maybe your job is not working for you. Maybe you don't even have a job. I have no idea.

I picked this image for today's post because it reminded me that different people are inspired by different things. My words may not work for you, but seeing a certain image or hearing a certain melody may work. Going outside and seeing clouds might work, or it might not. I guess today's message I want you to leave with is to LOOK for inspiration in your life. I can't tell you where to look. I wish I could, because sometimes it's hard to find it by yourself when you need it the most.

Look for it in the corners of your life that you don't always pay attention to. Look for it in today's news. Look for it in your hopes and dreams. Just look, and trust that you will find it.

I'm sending prayers that you will find it and know that it is for you and you alone.


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