Monday, June 21

Liturgical Writings for Psalm 98:1, 1 John 5:1-6


Psalm 98:1, 1 John 5:1–6

Call to Worship

O! Sing to the Lord a new song!
All we need is love.
God has done amazing things!
All we need is love.
The wonder of God's hands have brought love to life!
All we need is love.

The loving sustenance of the Holy Spirit.
The loving redemption of the Christ.
The loving creation of Abba, God.
All we need is love!

Opening Prayer

Holy Mother-Father,
You gave us two great commandments
            Love God and
            Love your neighbor as yourself
Create in us a heart that beats with your love
            so that we may become love in the world.
And so as we become love in the world
            we seek to bring justice to neighbor
            forgiveness to others
            and praise to You.
In the name of the Greatest Love,

Responsive Prayer (after the message)
Let us pray.

O Lord,
Your steadfast love urges us
to love all people,
to love all the earth, and
to love you with all our hearts.
Guide us as we walk the way of Christ
so that we remember that
all we need is love.
Shalom and Amen.

And now we bring to you, O God, Lover of our souls, the needs of each other and the needs of the world.

Prayers of the People
Mighty God of love and peace, we thank you for the promise that our wanderings in the desert will end and that your love gives us strength enough to face the dawn.  Especially we thank you for

the gifts and talents of all your children…
the new creation in Christ  and all gifts of healing and forgiveness…
the sustaining love of family and friends…
the fellowship of faith in your church…

Merciful God, renew this weary world, heal the hurts of all your children, and bring about your love for all in Christ Jesus, the living Lord.  Especially we pray for

those who are oppressed…
those cast out in the name of hate…
those unable to fully be themselves…
communities of faith that deny Love…
our own places of prejudice and pain.

For what else do we pray?

Concluding Collect
O God,
It is by your grace that we live.
Fill us with your love and joy,
That we may cling to you while we wander in the desert
And hold firm to a vision of oceans of grace.
Because all we need is love.
In the name of our Redeemer,

Pass the Peace
Please turn to one another and greet each other with the peace that is love incarnate.


We have been walking through the desert, but no more!
There is an ocean of grace, love and mercy waiting for you.
Go out and take a stand for love,
Create peace and joy, and
Become living witnesses of the loving Word.

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