Monday, June 21

Liturgical Writing for John 10:11-16

(c) Terri Stewart 2012

Call to Worship

Listen, Jesus is calling!
     Listen for his voice.
Listen, Jesus is calling!
     Listen for his whisper.
Listen, Jesus is calling!
     Listen for his shout.

      He is calling us together.
     To the one flock.
     To the one shepherd.
     Listen!  Jesus is calling!

Opening Prayer

Jesus, Precious Shepherd,
To you, all sheep are loved.
There is no place you won't go
            to find each of us, 
            your beloved.

Help us to seek you, 
            to be open to your call,
            to be open to your direction,
            to be open to your movement.
So that we may respond 
            fully and completely
to your tender care
magnifying Your Love
in the world.


O God,
You are the shepherd of our lives,
Pour into our hearts your love and peace,
That we may follow you through
valleys and mountains
fields and brush
Spreading your peace and your love,
In the name of Creator, Christ, and Spirit.

Offering Prayer

Holy One,

We ask that you take these gifts
offered to you with joy
and love
And use them for the transformation
of the world providing
peace and love
beyond understanding.


People of God, hear the good news!
When we stray, the shepherd will find us. 
When we are hungry, he feeds us. 
When we are in danger, he comforts us. 
When we are fearful, he provides strength. 
Go forth knowing that the Good Shepherd walks with you.


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