Monday, July 26

Listening in Circles

Stories move in circles. They don’t move in straight lines. So it helps if you listen in circles. There are stories inside stories and stories between stories, and finding your way through them is as easy and as hard as finding your way home.
And part of the finding is the getting lost. And when you’re lost, you start to look around and to listen.

Corer Fischer, Albert Greenberg, and Naomi Newman of A Traveling Jewish Theatre, Coming from a Great Distance

Sometimes I feel like I'm going around in circles. Never moving forward, but never falling behind either. "Round and round we go", but it's not a merry-go-round. I'm not having fun.

Now I know why. I need to listen in circles for the stories within the stories. Sooner or later, I'll find my way through the fog. I'll find my way home.


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