Monday, June 14

Letting Go Isn’t Easy


I'm thinking of my wife and her family tonight. They're walking my mother-in-law home. I don't know what music she has chosen for her memorial, but this is one of the songs I listened to when my dad died several years ago.  I pray that whenever she passes on, it's a peaceful transition. There's been too much death in the world these days. May we draw strength and comfort  from each other.


  • Beautiful … I know this is a hard time for you and your wife. My mother-in-law turned 90 in Jan of this year, and I’ll be slightly crazy when she passes. Next to my wife, my wife’s mother, Ms. Shizue Kawamoto Iwashita is the person I love most in the world. She also thinks the sun rises and sets on her son-in-law … and who am I to disagree … ? … 😎 … Soon I expect to be walking in your shoes. Thinking of you …

  • My dad passed away almost six years ago. He had been sick for about 5 years, and no one in my family told me because I lived in Canada, thousands of miles away. I keep saying I dread this next stage where we each lose the remaining parent. It scares me to think of being at the head of the line.

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