Monday, June 21

Lessons from the Hospital Stay of a Lifetime

funny-puppy-pictures-hospital-gownsI thought I posted last week. I could have sworn I had. I remember writing a post for y'all.  But I don't see it. So apologies if I went missing and someone missed me.

I've been back from the hospital since Sunday afternoon. (If I ever figure out what happened to my other post, or if it is still sitting in drafts, I'll try adding it.) My neurosurgeon who isn't God didn't even know I was still there when they woke the poor guy up because I needed acid reflux medication at 3 am on Sunday morning. I felt terrible to wake him up, but I was in that limbo of discharged, but still needing certain meds to be able to get along until I got home. I was in that limbo from Friday morning until my partner and her friend showed up with a four wheel drive on Sunday afternoon to "bust me out."

Our mountain wasn't remotely clear yet, and I had to walk a ways from the truck to the mobile home to get home. But I was home.

Things to be grateful for since my brain is still mushy:

  1. Clothes that cover all of me.
  2. Not being woken up every few hours for vital signs.
  3. The nurses really and truly were angels. Everybody had such a wonderful spirit and wasn't complaining though some of them were stuck there for indefinite lengths of time.
  4. I'd say a prayer of thankfulness every time a shift change would happen successfully, because I worried about each one traveling to care for me.
  5. I had access to wonderful care at the hospital.

Things to be mindful of:

We have oh, so very far to go to make sure that everyone has access to the same kind of care I received. Still too mushy to write the level of response that needs to happen to that issue, but I am so aware of it tonight.


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