Monday, August 2

Learning from an Elder

I lived in Canada for nine years and learned a lot about Canadian culture and politics while I was there. One of my favorite politicians (actually one of my favorite people) was Jack Layton who led the New Democratic Party before his death. He succumbed unexpectedly to cancer after taking a leave of absence that only lasted a month.

He left a letter for his spouse Olivia Chow to release in the event of his death. Canadian children's musician Raffi used the text of the letter to compose a song that he played to honor Mr. Layton at his memorial service.

Since January 20, I've been in protest mode as much as my body and personal concerns would allow. Finally I remembered Jack. (I always think of him that way.) I wish some of our current politicians believed in us the way he did.

And if any of you wonder what life would be like in America with a viable third party, here's what Jack had to say about the New Democrats (the third party in Canada).

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