Monday, August 2

Just Be It

Recently, I was researching Sabbath (Shabbat) meditations. I ran across one at My Jewish Learning titled: Shabbat and Meditation: Just Be It. It is a marriage of Mindfulness and the Shabbat experience.

Shabbat is a day of being, not doing. The day’s multitude of do’s and don’ts are essentially about not making anything, not destroying anything, and simply taking the world as we find it–for one day.

What would life be like if we took it just as we found it, even for one moment? With out destroying anything or needing to build something or change someone? Accepting all of creation for exactly what it is in this present, precious moment?

I believe, in that moment, we would find peace. A time to be.


One of my favorite spiritual practices is haiku. Haiku is definitely a practice of mindfulness and translating what you see into words that create a sacred moment in ordinary time. If we take just this moment to be, to notice, to capture a Sabbath appreciation and take all that is simply as gift, how would you record it? Can you capture a haiku in your present moment, where you are right now?

lavender fields

bees bumble greedily

sipping fine wine

by Terri Stewart CC (BY SA)
by Terri Stewart



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