Saturday, July 24

Joyous Om

A couple weekends ago, I went to World Domination Summit 2014. I participated in "The Great Namaste." This was a world-record setting yoga chain event.

We started the event off with a massive "OM." An OM is a mantra and mystical sound of sanskrit origin. Over 800 people united with an Om sent out to the universe with intentions of peace, love, and joy. I thought it was beautiful and recorded it with my phone. Now, I will admit, the phone version loses a bit of the grandeur of 800 OM's chanting together. But still, I'd like to share this energy with you.

It also seems that we all have sounds in our traditions that speak to us. I admit that when I attend my Christian church, I often just shut up and listen to the Lord's Prayer as it is spoken. I know that this prayer is spoken in nearly every church around the world on nearly every Sunday. In many languages and in many interpretations. I think it is the one thing that we all do. So, for me, hearing the unified voices is a moment of joy and extending my presence throughout the world-wide community and even back in time. Very mystical! A bit like the OM. I consider the OM in much the same way. What do you identify as joyful and foundational? 

The Great Namaste, 2014
The Great Namaste, 2014


The video and photo are made by me!

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