Thursday, June 24

Jesus Very Soon–Advent WOW

goggie advent

This was one of the most adorable things I saw this week, and I really wanted to share it with you all. Advent is one of those seasons that I don't know much about. I only know "1 advent songe," and that is "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel." I'm sure I've sung others, but I grew up in the Southern Baptist tradition and never attended one faith denomination consistently. My knowledge is about as extensive as this dog's. (I'm gonna call him Jesus--like hay-sus), but I know this much. "Jesus very soon"--the real Jesus.

Don't stress about holiday preparations or spending money on gifts or not spending money on gifts. Remember two things. Jesus very soon, and Advent WOW. Nothing else really matters. Love to all y'all. Oh, and I learned about the pink candle this week, thanks to this picture. I'll tell you about that next week since it's week three of Advent.

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