Saturday, June 19

It I Am

It I am

As verily as God is our Father, so verily God is our Mother; and that shewed He in all her revelations and especially in these sweet words where He saith: I it am. That is to say, I it am, the Might and the Goodness of the Fatherhood; I it am, the Wisdom of the Motherhood; I it am, the Light and the Grace that is all blessed Love; I it am, the Trinity, I it am, the Unity: I am the sovereign Goodness of all manner of things. I am that maketh thee to love: I am that maketh thee to long: I it am, the endless fulfilling of all true desires.

-Julian of Norwich 1342-c.1416 (early twentieth century translation)

I am also reminded of Bishop Desmond Tutu:

"I am because we are."

There is this idea floating around in some circles of Christianity that is panentheism.  Panentheism brings us the divine in everything.  The holy.  The mystery.  The indefinable.  It is grounded in Christian thought if you examine Christian beliefs around the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is in everything.  The Holy Spirit is God.  Therefore God is in everything.  Fairly straight forward logic.  I would extend everything to every bit of the cosmos.

If we go with the idea that a big bang created the cosmos.  And we know that matter can neither be created or destroyed.  Then we, including the earth, including the blade of grass, including the cockroach, including the rock, including the puppy, are made of matter that has existed since the beginning.  In the beginning, there was an explosion.  The air we breath has ancient particles connecting back to the beginning.  The air we breath has been breathed by ancient sages.  The air we breath has been and will be breathed by the plants and animals.  We are all connected.  Whether we admit it or not.  Even the dust of the rocks are carried into our reality, into our soil, into our hands, into our breath.

P.S.  If a woman of the middle ages can understand that God is not a boy, why are we still struggling with this issue?  A conversation for another day!

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  • Ruth Jewell

    Recognizing the God who lives and breaths is more than looking within or in other humans. Such a God is way to small to have created all that was, is and will be. Such beliefs separate us from all that God encompasses. Mystery is what God is all about and IF you sit in the dappled sunlight, feel the spring air on your cheek and the soft fur of your puppy or kitten the only thing you have is mystery. Lovely, rich, silk like mystery that has diamond sharp edges that prick us into questions, doubts, and keeps us uncomfortable with who we are. It is in the mystery of being uncomfortable that we find God.

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