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Invitation to Ritual June 2014

box4Our spaces.


They're sacred. In the same way that our bodies are the sacred vessel for our spirit/mind, so too are our physical spaces the sacred vessels for our bodies.

As such, we need to care for our spaces. We need to show them love and attention. Like children they need upkeep. And sometimes, we need to safeguard them.

I have a friend whose home office is next to her 16 year-old daughter's room. Mothers and daughters being what they are, and 16 year-olds being what they are, they sometimes fight. It's hard to focus when there's that kind of negativity around.

Problem is, often there's nothing to resolve that negativity short of time.

And there's still work to do!

But there's still a way to safeguard the time and space you need to spend working while respecting the natural process of letting things work themselves out.

My advice was this - to put her daughter in a box. Not literally of course (tempting as they may seem when we argue with our loved ones!) No, the trick is to symbolically put them into a box.

a cozy box is good for holding all kinds of difficulties
a cozy box is good for holding all kinds of difficulties

In order to contain some of that residual negative energy in order to get on with her work, here's what I suggested she do:

• Find a box with a lid.
• Put a soft cloth inside; make it cozy. We want them comfortable and cared for while still wanting them away from us.
• Put a symbol of the person inside the box (a photo, a scrap of paper with their name, or some small token that represents them.)
• Close the box. You've just energetically contained them and all the energy that surrounds them, lovingly and privately.
• Take the time you need to do your work.
• Important note: After you're done working, OPEN the box again. It's bad form to leave the person in there to stagnate. It won't hurt them per se, but it's a bit rude.

closed box with contained energy complete with guardian angel
closed box with contained energy complete with guardian angel

This temporary fix allows us to get work done in less than optimal circumstances. Opening up the box opens up the relationship again and allows for reconnection.

You can also use this practice for worries and distractions; a cozy box is a good place to hold all kinds of difficulties, not just the teenage variety.

The rituals we create have got to help us in life; they've got to meet the needs we have. Sometimes those needs are as basic as needing a safe, undistracting place to get done that which needs to get done. We're entitled to that, just as we're entitled to taking it that one step further and creating it, lovingly and gently, for ourselves.

Here's to supportive spaces!


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