Friday, July 30

Inspirational Poetry – How can you be the breath of the world?

Sometimes, inspiration just lands in your lap. All week I have been inspired by this beautiful poem by Jennifer Hoffman that came to me in snail mail via my Spiritual Director's International membership. I offer it to you as inspiration and wonder, what writing inspires you to a deeper commitment to the world? to deeper action? 

Emerging Wisdom

Create a new room in your home
for the knowing beyond knowing.

Sweep your cave daily. Place
some dirt on your altar. Call down

the birds from the sky in worship.
Meditate with flowers in the park.

Learn from puppies and babies,
as well as from the elderly and mid-lifers.

Listen with the ear of a snail, and
remember that pearls are born from grit.

Be still like a lake at dawn, a kind and truthful
mirror of what is. Alignment is difficult

unless you clean your compass often.
(Each person has her own way

of cleaning.) Know that we all are angels
and demons. As natural as mud. Our enemies

too. Link hands with your neighbour,
though fences are also necessary.

Being exceptional is not a requirement
for a full life. Being awake at the wheel is.

Sometimes, all that is possible
is to witness the impossible.

Run, walk, be still, as your guide directs.
Look for gold in each precious cup of water.

Scan the horizon for trees in need.
Save apple seeds for planting.

Attune your breath
to the Breath of the World.

flickr photo by Doug Wheller cc licensed (BY NC SA)
flickr photo by Doug Wheller
cc licensed (BY NC SA)


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