Wednesday, June 23

Inspiration at the Gate

Today's post is a guest post from Roy deLeon at Expressive Prayer.  Roy is the author of the book, Praying with the Body, a Benedictine Oblate, a yoga inspirer, and an all around awesome guy! I have found his book to be the one I give away more than any other book. Setting Yoga movements to traditional morning, afternoon, and evening prayers. Roy is also an artist who creates thoughtful and inspiring art. Today, we have a combination of art, yoga, and thought coming together to inspire us all!

This is a breath prayer and art inspired by Psalm 84.

Meditation with the yoga pose parighasana, or gate:

I choose to be a gatekeeper at the dwelling of Love

Than be in the tents of Hatred and Fear.


What are you afraid of?

How can you overcome that fear with love?

by Roy DeLeon
by Roy DeLeon

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