Thursday, June 24

In Remembrance

ahini-kinau reserve by terrijane01
ahini-kinau reserve, a photo by terrijane01 on Flickr.

When traversing the Ahini Kinau Reserve, we stumbled across two memorial sites marked by crosses and a surfboard. Two surfers that died in a surfing accident in the waters off of the reserve.

rhythmic blue water
dances a siren's song
tempting mere mortals

It is a life lesson. When we think we are strong, we are weak. When we rely on ourselves, we are foolish. When we are invincible, we are defeated.

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  • This is the most incredibly beautiful, wistful, and honorable memorial to those dying in action nearby I have ever seen. Thanks so much for sharing. Yes, just when we think we are demigods, we prove ourselves only too human.

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