Wednesday, June 23

I Can Only Imagine

This song will always remind me of our cat Zoe. She was a little tuxedo cat who was on the move almost 24/7. She could drive you up a wall, and for a long time, we struggled to find ANYTHING that would settle her down enough for us to go to bed last night.

Finally I got one of Amy Grant's hymn CD's, and we found that she would know it was time to lie down and go to bed when she heard the soft music. She especially seemed to love "I Can Only Imagine." It didn't matter to her that it wasn't the original (in fact, she didn't react the same way to it). I always believed she knew what the song was about and was imagining that day for herself.

She got sick suddenly one day when she was two years old, and we had to put her to sleep. We cried, but I finally remembered "I Can Only Imagine." I can only pray that she had that day to dance in heaven.

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