Wednesday, August 4

Hypocrisy As A Fine Art

From time to time this past week, I have been watching commentary on Michelle Wolf's raucous 28 April White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD) monologue about Trump and his gauleiters in the Republican party and elements of the American fascist community. As good as I am with the English language, even I am at a loss to find appropriate adjectives that would do justice to the arrant, bare-faced hypocrisy of Republicans in particular and conservatives in general, especially conservative Reformed / evangelical Christians. Far from surprisingly, members of both communities -- American para-fascists and conservative Reformed / evangelical Christians -- expressed the usual outrage that is de rigeur whenever they are criticized about their inconsistencies. (Yes, yes, I know:  there are Reformed Protestant Christians who reject Trump, but they are the exceptions that prove the rule.) I say that for several good reasons, among which are:

I have never heard anyone express a similar level of outrage about ...

o Trump openly talking about grabbing women by the genitals, including advocating similar actions on the part of other men.


o Urging his followers to assault opponents


o On several occasions, advocating the wholesale gutting of First Amendment of speech and press, up to and including prior restraint. NY Times v. Sullivan is to Trump and his supporters what the Roe and Casey decisions are to anti-abortion activists.


o Trashing due process and "free exercise" liberties by the registration of American Muslims for the mere "crime" of being Muslims and engaging in warrantless surveillance of mosques.


But on each such occasion, I have observed members the Reformed Christian lobby competing to outdo one another in crawling up their own intimate bodily orifices backwards to excuse Trump's behavior, and to see who would be first to give him a pass for deceptions that would have earned Barack Obama, at the very least, a bill of impeachment from any Republican Congress.

Now, on 28 April, along comes Michelle Wolf at the WHCD and drops a few f-bombs and assorted other Anglo-Saxon expletives -- i.e., uses words instead of committing acts (Neil DeGrasse Tyson via Twitter:  "When did it become okay to be more offended by what someone with no power says than by what someone with power does?") -- and the American fascist community reacts as if ISIS hordes were marching down Constitution Ave, pissing on crucifixes, and raping Christian women along the way. (Fox News, by contrast, displaying its customary virtuosity in practicing Nietzsche's "transvaluation of all values," called Wolf's monologue "incredibly disrespectful".)  Nor did the news media escape Wolf's mordant critique:  CNN ("Breaking news"), Fox, and MSNBC {"This is who we are").

Which brings me to my sole adverse criticism of Wolf's excoriation:  she left out the quote-progressive-unquote, boutique-progressive, liberal-purist Christian media like Sojourners et al., and their representatives like Cornel West, Wes Howard-Brook, et al., to whom Barack Obama was insufficiently pure. (One wonders:  have these worthies ever read and internalized Romans 3:23? Apparently not.) Their delicate sensibilities would not allow them to support and advocate for a progressive but imperfect candidate, and in consequence they succumbed to the perennial, and quintessentially Reformed-Christian, desire for a degree of perfection that always proves to be the enemy of the good -- and most especially of the good-enough

So speaking of Russian involvement in the last election, the term полезные идиоты leaps immediately to mind.

James R. Cowles

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Obama at WHCF ... White House ... Public domain
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