Humor Keeps Us Going in Times of Stress


I had a bad week. I've had symptoms of a condition that a doctor told me shouldn't affect me. Well, guess what. It's affecting me, and it's not fun. I scheduled an appointment with a specialist who should know more about this specific problem, but there's a strong possibility that if things are as bad as they feel right now, I'll be having surgery in a few months. The sad part of it is that I won't even start the process of finding out until June 11.

This week I've been looking for ways to deal with the pain and the waiting. I landed on the show Friends. Ten years of comfort TV watching. I've binged every day. I should be pacing myself, but for now, I'm on season 2. I've got time. Humor is a gift from God. I can do this. I can get through it.

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  1. Curious to the Max said on April 19, 2015
    Humor is my way of coping too. That's why I write silly poems about my chin hair! Maybe this will bring you a smile too?

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