Homily on John 14:18-31

OK.  Below are three videos.

  1. Reading of the scripture
  2. Homily
  3. Prayer

This is a project for a class in which we are focusing on the specialized presentation of homilies.  A homily is not a sermon.  It is to be no longer than 5 minutes (ish) and should connect from one thing (reading scripture) to a community action (prayer here, it could be Eucharist at another place).  Additionally, I am not allowed to write anything down except a words on a 3x5 card.  So this is generally off of the top of my head except for when I use the card to get me back on track.  All the ideas expressed in the homily are my own and I think they are true.  🙂

Pretend that I look fabulous in the video!  Laptop videos leave something to be desired and my hair is pulled back tight and I'm against a dark door so I look like I have no hair!  *rolls eyes at self*  Oh well.  You'll deal with it, I suppose!

And continued prayers for my son and the family.





  1. Karen M. Davison said on April 3, 2012
    Good job, Terri! This is one of the hardest things for me to do -- to trust that I can speak with just notes!
  2. granbee said on April 4, 2012
    You have totally heartfelt prayers for your son and your family! Terri, your use of the world "homily" reminds me of all those decades of adult life as a very active Episcoplalian. No sermons; just homilies--which I really think allowed all that other wonderful time in the worship hour for full worshipping participation by the communicants. I like that concept; yes, I do!

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