Monday, August 2


For the Lenten Photo Invitation


Some brief observation (yes, I can be brief!) -

Today is my birthday. I am ** years old. I have built a life with Robert for 21 years. I am United Methodist and Wesleyan to my core. Unbeknownst to Robert, the writer of this birthday card has to be Methodist! ("getting another year closer to perfection.") All places that speak to me of being "home." John Wesley's favorite description of grace was using a house. Prevenient grace - the path that leads to the house that we did not create. Justifying grace - the decision to enter the house of God. Sanctifying grace - exploring the house that God has created and growing in love for God and neighbor. Perfecting grace - having a heart so formed by loving God and neighbor that it is habitually formed to do what is the most loving, Christ-like thing to do. Wesley usually talked about "going on to perfection." In Eastern Orthodoxy, it is similar to theosis.

Home with my heart. Home with my theology. Home with my God. - All in one card!

Well played, Robert Stewart!

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