Monday, August 2

Here’s How To Wade Through Thigh-Deep Horse Excrement

I just got done listening to what must have been a world-record volume of horse fertilizer about the DC baseball shooting. (I shouldn't insult horse fertilizer with such a comparison ... sorry!) Herewith a couple of salient examples:

o "At this point, there are no Democrats and no Republicans"

HORSE-FERTILIZER ... that very partisan distinction is even more -- not less -- relevant now. Which party most consistently opposed all regulations on any and all assault weapons? Which party most consistently and reliably opposed any and all regulations on limiting, e.g., magazine capacity, limits on who can buy guns (even to the point of allowing blind people and the mentally unstable to own firearms), and which party most constantly and consistently opposed loophole-free background checks, and which party even opposed unique-ID technology that would detect whether a gun was being held by its rightful registered owner ... and refuse to fire if anyone else were holding the weapon?

HINT: not the Democratic Party

o "We need to cool down the polarizing rhetoric on both sides"


HORSE-FERTILIZER ... which presidential candidate urged his followers to assault and to beat up dissidents who attended his campaign rallies? Which candidate offered to pay the legal expenses of those of his supporters who did so? Which candidate called a free press, explicitly referenced in the First Amendment, "the enemy of the people"? Which candidate bragged about having sexually assaulted women? Which candidate called for the warrantless surveillance of mosques and for the registration, purely for religious reasons, of American Muslims?

HINT: not the Democratic Party

Please have the common decency and elementary courtesy of sparing me the arrogance of moral equivalency. It insults the intelligence of everyone whose EEG is not flat-lined.

James R. Cowles

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