Tuesday, June 15

Help a Complete Stranger for the Good

I've been thinking about "what I want to do when I grow up."  The diagnosis of cancer, even though it's very treatable, has shaken my world up just a bit. (It's funny--I haven't said that out loud to anyone in my "real" life. But more about that in a minute....)

I started thinking earlier today about the movie "The Bucket List." You know the one--Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman travel together and fulfill items on the list of Morgan Freeman's character. I could only imagine crossing off a few things off a list like that. One was seeing Elton John in concert last May. (That's not exactly earthshaking, but it rocked my world for a night!) I've visited England, France, Italy, and Austria on a three-week course trip when I was in college. I lived in Canada with my partner for nine years. So I've traveled some.

What else? That's where I'm stuck. There's a lot of people I'd love to meet. Too many of the people I know through Facebook and Twitter are probably on the list of people I never will. I want to find a way to create my own business and my own life--to live life on my terms instead of coloring inside the lines.

I keep thinking about the last item on the bucket list in the movie--"help a complete stranger for the good." It seems odd for someone who has made a career out of helping people, even when it is rooted in deepest compassion and love, to think that helping someone you don't know for no reason other than the connection between two human beings is something rare. But loving and serving someone out of the purest motives is rare. The world would be a better place if each person did that at least once in a lifetime.

Will you follow me?

Will you walk alongside your brothers and sisters?

by Rose Colored Photo #BlackLivesMatter Protest March in Rochester Minnesota  CC (BY)
by Rose Colored Photo
Protest March in Rochester Minnesota


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