Monday, June 21

Heaven in the Parking Lot

For the February Photo-a-Day Invitation:  "Cloud" and the Lenten Photo-a-Day Invitation: "Cover"

How do we encounter the divine?

Where do we find Holy Mystery?

What is our response?

"Heaven in the Parking Lot"
"Heaven in the Parking Lot"

February 2013

T. Stewart

I regret that I didn't have a better camera with me. The sky was spectacular at this particular moment from the parking lot. The clouds were being blown fairly quickly and it was everything I could do to get my cell phone out and the camera going!

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And to top it all off, just the title of this alone has me channeling "Meatloaf" (the rocker) in my head. "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights." Perhaps that is more information that you wanted to know! But at its best, our relationships with our loved ones should be a reflection of heaven.

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