Friday, June 18

Haiku Madness

For my final integration in MTI, I wrote Haiku’s for everybody in class.  Here they are!

dedicated to Don M.

the evergreen tree

grows toward the sun and moon

changing its outlook



dedicated to John L..

the dolphin swims near

guiding the unknown cloud

creating safe shores

dedicated to Nancy F.

the universe grows

infinite yearning cries out

welcoming logos



dedicated to Brenda S.

a grain of warm sand

brings a new way of being

a pearl beyond price

dedicated to Jer C.

the lioness roars

warning her loves of trouble

as new life begins



dedicated to March G.

rivers flowing by

carving the naive landscape

maturing the clay

and for myself 🙂

amma bear roaming

keeping her youngsters in line

protecting from harm


© 2009 Terri Stewart

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