Monday, July 26

Gratitude is the Key that Opens Our Hearts

image credit: Contemplative Monk (Facebook Page)

Gratitude is like a key that opens our hearts up to heaven, creating more space within us for abundance, at the same time, integrating the spirituality of heaven within and through us.
~ Bob Holmes

Gratitude often does seem to be the key that unlocks heaven on earth for us. It causes us to open our hearts, minds, and spirits leaving room for the Divine to fill us up with abundance. How? Because when we get out of the way and express gratitude - we often are giving of ourselves and are therefore an open flowing body of water. This gives the Divine the opportunity to pour into us because the Divine isn't going to pour into an already full vessel. When we express gratitude in all aspects of our lives - we allow the Divine of the Universe to become interwoven with our spirits and the Divine then can work through us.

In what ways is the Divine working through you because of your attitude of gratitude?

Brian Lee

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