Thursday, July 29

Gratitude Is Action

Hello everyone! How has your week been?

Today I was reminded that gratitude is an action word! The things I am truly grateful I will show that I am grateful for them. Someone important in my life gave me an illustration that I am going to share with you all. Let's say you are given a plant. You show that you are thankful by accepting the plant but you end up putting it to the side and not take care of it. If you are truly grateful for the plant - you will water it, prune dead leaves and give it sunlight. You will do things to make it grow and you grow with it.

That to me is the difference between thankfulness and gratitude. Thankfulness is just words with no power behind them. Gratitude is showing your thankfulness with action. I can honestly admit to you all there are definitely days where I am thankful and not grateful. This is where I must check to see my motives and my attitude. I believe having an attitude of gratitude is a choice that needs to be made every day, in every situation and in every way. Do I do this perfectly? NO! I am an imperfect human. But thankful I just have to do better than I did yesterday.

I am thankful for my recovery and I show that I am grateful by attending meetings, talking with my sponsor and other men in my program, work steps and be of service in Area and in my two homegroups.

I am thankful for my relationship with God and I show that I am grateful for that by studying to know more about Her, attend church and bible studies and even listen to worship music.

I am thankful for my church and I show that I'm grateful by helping out making soups, attending a Congregational Care Committee, attending Bible Studies, uplifting my church in prayer/worship attendance/giving/etc.

I am thankful for my transition and I show that I'm grateful for that by taking my hormones like prescribed, read uplifting literature, finding support online and within my community, and being a voice for the voiceless and a face for the faceless.

What action are you putting behind your thankfulness to turn that into an attitude of Gratitude?

Brian Lee

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