Sunday, August 1

Gratitude for Unexpected Healing

This past decade has been a long and sometimes utterly perplexing health journey for me. Most of the time that has meant more restrictions and illness. I am happy to report that is not so today! I have recently discovered that both my asthma and my environmental allergies have disappeared. I have been intentionally exposed to triggers for both and I am completely unreactive.

This is amazing and totally unexpected. I have probably been allergic and asthmatic all my life. So much so that my family laughed that I was truly allergic to mornings because I spent the first hour of every day in sneezing fits as a kid. I constantly had hay fever and I lived on Sinutab as a teen to get through high-school. So I am extraordinarily grateful today to not have environmental allergies or asthma at all! I feel as though I have been washed in the moving waters of Bethesda and been made whole again!

"I wake up every morning and surprise myself. I wake up to a new me." --Gina Carano

Woman on her back half submerged in moving water.

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